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Roulette games have been a staple game at casinos since their invention. As a result, they remain one of the most popular games that are played at online casinos. However, players looking to play roulette today will no longer have to crawl the internet looking for the best tables. I have been through this process and it takes some time. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to publish the results of my search. As I am an amateur at Roulette, new players would benefit from reading this guide.

When I first looked at a Roulette table I felt my confidence depleted. However, once I had learned the rules and etiquette of the game I found myself being kind of the wheel. The table is separated off into all the different bets you can possibly place. With a wheel at one end, the dealer will spin this, while pushing a ball in the opposite direction. When the ball lands, it is this that gives the result of the spin. With the aim to have bet on the possible result of the spin, as a result, having chips in the corresponding table section.

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The main difference in the online version of Roulette that is offered is that the result is predicted by an RNG. Do not worry and this kind of technology is an industry-standard for many games. A respectable casino will often have their RNG software checked to make sure it still provides a random result. If the casino has done this process, it will display the logo of a corresponding audit company. One of the mains advantages to online Roulette is the speed of play. You can play this kind of game quicker online than with a real-life dealer. This is because online games are usually played solo, whereas, Live games will often have more than one player.

If you are looking for Live versions you can play Roulette today at many places. Many players prefer to play the Live variation as this does not rely on an RNG to produce a result. This kind of game uses the original technology of a dealer and a wheel. This tends to be the more popular kind of way to play, however, it can be a lot longer time between bets. This is because the dealer has to wait for everyone to decide which bet is going to be placed.

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The Varieties of Roulette Offered

Roulette comes in many varieties, especially with online versions of the game. You will be able to tell if you have found a good online casino as there will be many versions offered. You may even see a high stakes Roulette game to play. This will require a lot higher bets to be placed, however, the rewards can also be a lot higher. This kind of game is popular with high roller players but also players from VIP schemes. Many casinos offer a VIP service which will often give you access to the best Roulette tables you can play today. If you want to be a VIP player, you must be prepared to make some hefty deposits into your online casino account. There are often custom promotions especially for VIP players to take advantage of when making these deposits.