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If you are new to the online casino market, you may not know just how many welcome bonuses there are. Just a quick search online will result in a mass of results trying to get you to deposit your hard-earned money. I recently had to do this search, so I decided to share my experience and knowledge gained from this. I also believe that I have found the online casino best welcome offer that you can get as a new player. Hopefully, this will save you a lot of the time and work I did when I started.

I always take into account that a welcome bonus is only temporary. Therefore, a lot of the casinos I looked at needed to fit certain requirements. A good games range was the most important thing I wanted to make sure that is offered. This is because I did not want to get bored playing somewhere that has a small number of games. You can play online slots at, there I found one of the most impressive ranges of games online. 

What Else I Look For in the Online Casino Best Welcome Offer

You may be asking yourself why I have only mentioned slot games. The answer is simple, there are only a certain number of table games and live casino games. With slot games, you have the widest variety of games to play. I found there are literally thousands of different games to play if you are like me and prefer slot games. Some of the most common themes you will find include Ancient history, Futuristic themes and Movie or TV themes. If you play these movie-themed slot games, they will often include sound clips or videos clips.

The Online Casino Best Welcome Offer Has Been Found

Another fantastic thing about slot games is that they run on an RNG. This is a piece of software that produces a completely random result every time. This is what makes slot games fair and not biased when played. However, it is important to check that they do show the logo of a company that audits the games. This will give you a sense of relaxation knowing the games you are playing have been checked over to be safe to play.

We Know The Online Casino Best Welcome Offer You Can Play With

The Best Welcome Offers I Found

The welcome offers that are available around the market vary vastly. This is where I thought the confusion may come. As there are so many different kinds of welcome bonus on offer. The most common one to see and also the most value for money is the Welcome Package. These will usually see you receive a match deposit bonus that will give you funds on top of an initial deposit. The best thing about these promotions is they are given over more than 1 deposit. That is how they manage to reach huge amounts, making them such great value.

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With welcome packages, I also found that many online casinos offer bonus spins as well. That’s on slots by the way, not Roulette. These are great and you can spin and win on the slot games without spending any of your own funds. You will have to make sure you use them in time, as many of these are only valid for a short period of time. Read the terms and conditions to see exactly how long you have to use the bonus spins given.